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North Bay, Ontario, better known as “Gateway of the North” is the ideal location to reside or purchase real estate for many reasons. A few attractive points in regards to getting a mortgage in North Bay and having real estate assets here is the beautiful nature, economic opportunity, and a growing diverse culture.

Ranked second-best place to buy real estate in Canada by MoneySense, North Bay is recognized nationally as an investment opportunity in many facets. One of the major investing points is simply living in North Bay. Just four hours north of Toronto, North Bay breathes a natural living environment that consists of vast forests, lakes, and true northern experiences. Additionally, with many professionals choosing to work and live remotely there is no question why North Bay would not be your ideal location for this change in pace. Getting a mortgage for a property in North Bay would allow you and your family a work-life balance like no other. Walk the waterfront, travel Duchesnay Falls Trails, or just wander as you begin to familiarize yourself with the land. Living in North Bay is an investment opportunity in all things mortgage property investments, but also for experiencing a lifelong nature escape.

North Bay's economic opportunity is here to stay and grow. As more businesses land in North Bay, more workers are coming with them. Small businesses, franchises and other retailers thrive with the local support given. With growing workforces, businesses, and population, it is a market you need to begin strategizing about engaging with. If you’re new to Canada needing a mortgage in North Bay, purchasing a property and need a mortgage, or looking to buy an investment property then call Todd Schofield The Mortgage Centre in North Bay.

Community is at the essence of North Bay’s culture and is the main attraction that is pulling more and more to choose to live here. Those who are used to a bigger city or region will appreciate the calming, safe, and small feel that North Bay brings to one's lifestyle. Notably, North Bay's populations are becoming more and more diverse, yet increasingly unified. Through local events like the farmers market, concerts, or others; the community speaks the same language of peacefulness, happiness, and joy. From tradesmen, artists, high-tech startups, entrepreneurs, and more — it is North Bay that welcomes all citizens and businesses and grows them to their fullest potential.

If you’re looking for a mortgage for a purchase, refinance, or renewal in North Bay Todd Schofield is the broker to call.

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